What we do
We only offer the best tasting quality food and drink tailored for your event. Coffee is always on the menu –it’s what we do best! Beyond that we can do all kinds delicious offerings from homemade organic cakes and sweet treats to sandwiches, baguettes and paninis or salad boxes, soup and home made specials.
At the centre of what we do is our incredibly high quality coffee - freshly roasted beans from a small, fair-trade cooperative guarantee a rich, smooth cup every time. But great beans need great baristas! We are experts in the field: Connoisseurs with a passion for the good stuff.
We’re Bristol based but you’ll find us all over the place: from festivals, fetes and private parties to railway stations and corporate functions. If you’re looking for great quality, organic goodies made to order get in touch today.
part of ARAL trading Ltd